Here's what clients are saying...


Gabriel Armando, FEI  I-Level Judge & Trainer, Armando Dressage:

Its important to me to have all the practitioners- veterinarian, farriers, and therapists, to be the best. April holds a place on my team. I've seen and felt definite improvement in my horses due to April's work. 

Suzanne Ross-Armando, FEI Trainer, USDF Gold and Silver Medalist, Armando Dressage

: All horses have some limitations in their bodies due to conformation, injuries, poor training or injuries and although there are some limitations we as riders and trainers must accept, there are many we can change. Structural Integration Therapy is one of those therapies that can make a huge difference in the way your horse moves and uses his body. When April introduced me to SI, I didn't realize at the time that this was the piece missing to my training and conditioning program. The therapy helped my horses become more supple, elastic and find new freedom and awareness to their bodies. It made my upper level horses more capable of doing their jobs and helped release some of those little kinks that you learn to live with. Their chiropractor noticed that the horses who in the past didn't hold their adjustments, were now holding!  I work with a horse who never was comfortable using his neck properly thus making connection difficult. Chiropractic work seemed to have fleeting results and I was wondering if he was ever going to get it. After just three session with April, this horse is now reaching properly into his contact and developing the necessary muscling and confidence in his body to continue his training!If you have a horse that just never seems right, is girthy, cold-backed, crooked, uneven in his gait or connection, or ever had a traumatic accident, you might want to consider SI. 

janet rolfs;  working cow horses, bozeman, MT

April Johnston has been working on my horses for several years now. I have seen and felt improvements in their gates and attitudes towards their work. She has also worked on them after injuries and their rehab time has significantly lessened because of it. I myself get body work done and know how much it helps me. I would definitely recommend April for your horses.

Ann Womack, Trainer,  Montana Sport Horses: 

As coach and trainer at my dressage and eventing barn I had the opportunity to not only watch April work on a good number of horses over several years but also to witness the results of her work. Initially, most important was how well all of the horses responded to April. We have a couple of not so easy characters and even they astounded us all with their positive reactions to April working on them. When some horses come into the barn you have no idea what their background or training has been or how they've been ridden. Some of them you do know and you know what kind of baggage & issues you're going to have to rehabilitate! There is lots of "snake oil" out there in todays horse market, lots of "new" methods and gadgets and programs & while we all strive to support our equine athletes in the best way we can, you also have to be an educated consumer. April Johnston and the work she does is real and genuine & is in the best interest of the horse in the truest sense. April helped not only the horses but the riders too, she agrees with me that many physical issues with horses are rider induced and she has an excellent way of communicating with the rider that is both helpful and non-threatening. It takes a team to produce a happy, healthy equine athlete so along with your veterinarian and your farrier, your nutritionist, your rider and your coach I would highly recommend adding April to your team.