UPCOMING Fall 2018 schedule: teaching and bodywork

FOR SESSION Scheduling Information, PLEASE CALL TO SCHEDULE 808.494.5838.


Sept 22: Big Island: Hawi/Kohala Equine Bodywork sessions by appointment only.

Sept 29-Oct 1 : Maui: Equine Bodywork sessions by appointment only. NO APPOINTMENTS LEFT

October 11/15: Oahu: Equine Bodywork sessions by appointment only.

November 3: Big Island: Equine Bodywork sessions by appointment only.\

Providing digital thermography, EQUINE FASCIAL RELEASE & Integration  therapy, ultrasound, phototherapy and acupressure to equine athletes

Imagine your horse reaching their maximum potential

Longer strides, smoother gaits, more rhythm, and grace. Equine Equilibrium offers premium therapeutic services that have proven to have a profound impact on performance. 

Equine Equilibrium's physiotherapy program is centered around equine myofascial release and integration therapy. This therapy is long lasting and extremely effective. Healing is achieved by restoring correct biomechanical function by releasing soft tissue constrictions and compensatory patterns.  

Equine Equilibrium uses some of the latest technologies in the alternative modalities to detect issues and promote healing:

April Johnston has extensive experience working with some of the United States internationally ranked equine athletes and their trainers. While her specialty is in working with dressage and hunter/jumper athletes, April also works on a plethora of horses competing in other disciplines, including roping, cutting, barrel racing, three day eventing, and pleasure horses. 

Find out more About April, then look at our Services to help make your competition dreams a reality.

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Interested in training?

Interested in learning more or training to become an equine  myofascial release therapist? April Johnston partnered with  an equine veterinarian to create  Equi-Librium Institute, which provides horse courses online and in workshops. Equi-Librium Institute provides equine certificate programs in equine fascial release and integration therapy and specialized online training for equine vet techs.