About April

First and foremost, April is a scientist. Prior to becoming an equine therapist, she worked as a State senior research scientist and wildlife ecologist.  After working as a scientist for 15 years, she decided to shift careers and go back to school to study her first passion-horses.  Once a scientist, always a scientist, and April’s work is unique in that it melds a scientific perspective with alternative therapies.

While April employs multiple modalities, the foundation is based on structural integration therapy, a progressive human therapy founded by Dr. Ida Rolf. This work systematically unwinds complex layers of fascial compensatory patterns to help restore physical balance and relieve chronic pain. April came across this work in her own 16 year journey to seek relief from chronic pain caused by a severe riding accident. She tried chiropractic, massage, ultrasound, and exercise-based physical therapies for chronic pain.  Structural Integration therapy so dramatically relieved her pain, and restored her quality of life that April began seeking ways to bring the same benefits to her equine friends.

 April holds an Advanced Certification from The Equine Natural Movement School, where she later was invited to become faculty and taught  equine structural integration certification courses 2010-2014 before partnering with Dr. Clabaugh to form Equi-Librium Institute.

April also attended The Tallgrass Institute and is a NBCAAM Board Certified Equine Acupressure Practitioner.  She holds additional certificates in Equine Nutrition, Animal Welfare and Digital Infrared Thermography. She serves as a Board member of the National Board of Certification of Animal Acupressure and Massage and is currently engaged in developing a new, national board certification exam in equine structural integration. She worked with veterinarians to learn laser therapy, and continues to engage with equine veterinarians and other advanced bodywork practitioners on a continual basis to advance her own learning.     

April works nationwide with top judges, trainers and riders, and specializes in working with competitive performance horses in dressage, eventing, and hunter-jumper. She travels extensively across the United States working with show horses and teaching students. 

April is a life long horse lover, and was privileged to spend 23 years with her beloved first horse, her Arabian Tomax.  Today April and her mare Tess enjoy practicing dressage on the beautiful Big Island of Hawai'i.